The Association of Families of Beirut was founded in 1998 under the flag of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities No. 80 / AD. To date, 80 Beirut family associations have been informed and informed by the Lebanese State. Since its establishment, the Federation has carried out numerous cultural and social activities, and has been humane, educational and healthy in some difficult situations. He follows his work and his journey to implement his objectives:
- To reunite the associations of the families of Beirut, and to strengthen the ties of fire and cooperation between, and attention to the affairs of their children. He urged the families of Beirut to form family associations and join the Union in order to grow up and strengthen his influence and effectiveness.
- Providing assistance and subsidies, in accordance with the available resources, to the member societies of the Federation and establishing health and social services centers.
- Training courses.
- Encouraging the qualified and talented individuals from the families of the affiliated families in the Federation, and allocating prizes and financial rewards to the creators and those who excel in them, and helping them to provide job opportunities for them.
- Honoring dignitaries of the prestigious Beirut.
- Follow-up of the Beirut development, educational, health, infrastructure and environmental issues with the competent departments.
- Preservation of Beirut's heritage, its cultural value and its pioneering role.

The Presidency of the Union since its inception:
- Professor Wafik Snow 1998 - 2001
- Mr. Mohammed Al-Amin Itani - 2001 - 2005
- Mr. Riad Al - Halabi
Mr. Mohamed Khaled Snow
Dr. Fawzi Zaidan
Prof. Mohamed Afeef Yamout